April 13, 2024

‘Venus Eclipse’ Opens to ‘Great North American Eclipse:’ The Sky This Week

Every Monday, I pick North America’s celestial highlights for the week ahead (which also apply to the north-central latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere), but don’t forget to check my main feed for more in-depth articles on stargazing, astronomy, eclipses, and more.

The Night Sky This Week: April 1-7, 2024

Total solar eclipses – when the Moon completely blocks the Sun – are predictable, inevitable and certain to happen at precisely the right time. However, you can see them build. This week you can watch the moon wane, moving closer to the sun each night before fully eclipsing it on Monday, April 8.

Best of all will be in the early morning of Sunday, April 7, when a thin crescent moon will be visible very low in the east and, as a bonus, will appear close to a trio of planets – then hidden Venus (or eclipse) later in the day. daylight.

Here’s everything you need to know about stargazing and astronomy this week:

Monday, April 1: Waning Moon

Today, our satellite will reach its last quarter or “half moon” phase, rising after midnight and making way for 10 nights of dark, moonless skies. Perfect for those planning eclipse-seeking vacations, if the clouds stay away.

Friday, April 5: Waxing Moon, Mars and Saturn

Look up into the east-southeast sky just before sunrise and you’ll see the beautiful sight of a gibbous crescent moon with 15% illumination, just a few degrees from Mars and Saturn. You will need a good view of the horizon.

Saturday, April 6: Waxing Moon, Mars and Saturn

Today it will also be possible to see a crescent moon, this time with just 8% illumination, and now just below Saturn and Mars. The longer you wait until sunrise, the more likely you are to see bright Venus shining to the east.

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