April 13, 2024

The 2024 Solar Eclipse is also marked by Sudsy Wonders

As they prepare for the 2024 Solar Eclipse, beverage-related companies in destinations along its route have been creating celebratory drinks to mark this celestial event. These companies are developing beers and beverages to be enjoyed before and around this space phenomenon.

A Sudsy collaboration

The Simons Foundation, a New York City-based organization that funds basic research in science and mathematics, is leading “On the Road to Totalitarian Beer Collaboration.” It’s a partnership between the foundation and 13 U.S. breweries spread across the path of eclipse totality. Each brewery created a special edition beer inspired by and released in sync with the eclipse.

“The popularity of craft breweries has exploded in the last ten to fifteen years, and in addition to serving excellent beer, they have become community hubs,” said John Tracey, program director for science, society and culture. “In the spirit of meeting people, we thought it would be a great way to get people excited about the eclipse. Furthermore, what is brewing if not science? It’s chemistry, fundamentally.”

Partner breweries are: Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland; Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis; Lost Forty Brewing in Little Rock; Austin Beer Works, Meanwhile Brewing Co. and Zilker Brewing Company in Austin; Lavery Brewing Company in Erie, Pennsylvania; Resurgence Brewing in Buffalo, NY; in Colebrook, NH: Dry Ground Brewing Company in Paducah, Kentucky; Henderson Brewing Company in Henderson, Kentucky; Scratch Brewing Company in Ava, Illinois; and Celestial Beerworks in Dallas.

“We provided opportunities for them to connect, including hosting a meeting here at the foundation in New York City for all of our brewery partners,” Tracey said. “During this meeting, they decided on a unifying theme – each canned beer will have a timestamp indicating when totality will occur in their city. Their willingness to work together has been incredible.”

Also in time

Little Rock’s Lost Forty Brewing’s contribution is “AR’clipse of the Heart Helles Bock,” a lager with a medium amber color and moderate ABV. This limited edition release is available in three sets of release dates. A given quantity of boxes are being sold across three sets of delivery dates. Two release dates took place on March 12th and 26th and the third and final date is scheduled for Saturday, April 6th through Monday, April 8th.

For its Path of Totality beer, Sun King, whose flagship location is in Indy, is offering Blonde. It’s a golden ale infused with locally roasted coffee from SunBean Roasters.

is releasing a special edition of its Vanilla Blackout Stout to celebrate Cleveland’s position on the path of totality. Imperial Stout (9.9% ABV) is brewed with a sliver of vanilla to eclipse the palate with extra richness.

Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton, Ohio, has released a Path of Totality beer, a lager similar to a German Altbier but with an added touch of Galaxy hops to honor this rare and special event.

Dry Ground Brewing Co. manager Cory Greene traveled to New York last year to meet with the foundation and representatives from participating breweries. “With two of the breweries involved located in Kentucky, Doug Laramie of Henderson Brewing and I decided to make two beers as collaborations. One made in Dry Ground, one in Henderson,” Green said.

These beers are known as 2:00 PM, a coffee milk stout (brewed at Dry Ground in collaboration with Henderson Brewing) and 2:02 PM, a blonde stout with coffee and cocoa nibs (collaboration brewed at Henderson Brewing). The beers are named after the time of totality in their respective locations. 2pm in Paducah. 2:02 pm in Henderson.

According to Greene, Paducah was fortunate to be in the path of totality for the last two solar eclipses. The previous one happened in 2017; for this event, Dry Ground Brewing Co. brewed a milk and coffee stout called Umbra.

“Doug Laramie of Henderson and I discussed collaborative brewing for the project,” Green said. “I suggested we brew our coffee milk stout together at Dry Ground and brew a stout blonde version of that beer in Henderson. So what we ended up with were two similar style beers, in light and dark colors to match the eclipse.”

Entering the Spirit

Even if they don’t belong to this collective, or to Caminho da Totalidade, there are other breweries that also make special foams.

Land-Grant Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio has a Space-Grant Black IPA that is actually an annual offering. This space-themed edition honors the first total solar eclipse visible in Ohio since 1806 and continues to celebrate a milestone in interstellar exploration or a captivating celestial event.

This release is a collaboration between Land-Grant Brewing and COSI, a nearby Columbus science museum. According to Walt Keys, the company’s co-founder and creative director, COSI approached the brewery in 2015 – its first year of operation – about brewing a special brewery to celebrate the reopening of its planetarium. Land-Grant will also team up with COSI to host a special party during the solar eclipse.

According to Walt Keys, the brewery’s co-founder and creative director, COSI approached the brewery in 2015 — its first year of operation — about brewing a special brewery to celebrate the reopening of its planetarium.

“Obviously, we were very excited about this partnership and after pitching some ideas, we came up with the concept of the Space-Grant series of Black IPAs,” said Keys. “Our brewery is named after the Land-Grant Act of 1862, which essentially began public higher education in the U.S. and many of these Land-Grant universities (like our hometown university, Ohio State) have spin-off aeronautical programs that they are part of the Space -Concession Initiative, so the name and idea really fit our brand very well.”

Also located in Cleveland, Market Garden Brewery has a heavenly suds called “The Totality,” a hazy IPA brewed with Cosmic Punch and Galaxy hops and with bright citrus notes. In Vermont, Lawson’s Finest in Waitsfield teamed up with ECHO, the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, a nature and science museum, to create an extra special black IPA brewed with Eclipse hops inside a holographic can.

In Syracuse, which lies along the Path of Totality, three breweries are involved in a brewing collaboration in sync with the eclipse. They have a series consisting of “Totality” by Rohrbach Brewing Company, “Dark Side” by Three Heads Brewing, and “Light Side” by Strangebird Brewery.

Off Main Brewing in Kerrville, Texas will have an “Eclipse Porter” beer that weekend, as well as their “4 minutes and 25 seconds” prosecco cocktail.

With an ABV of 5.5 percent, “Eclipse Porter” is a bitter, dry, roasty drink crafted to mirror the rare alignment of the cosmos. The 4 Minute 25 Second Prosecco Cocktail, named after the duration of totality, is A blend of pink prosecco with hints of blackberry wine, each flute is adorned with Texas blackberries and a magical golden glitter dust, mirroring the eclipse’s crown.

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