April 13, 2024

Physicists discover a quantum state with a new type of emerging particles: fermions composed of six streams

A team of physicists at Purdue University has discovered a new particle, the six-stream fermion, expanding understanding of the fractional quantum Hall effect beyond the known two- and four-stream states. This significant discovery highlights the critical role of high-quality semiconductor materials and supports the advancement of research in quantum physics.

If the fractional quantum Hall regime were a series of highways, those highways would have two or four lanes. The flow of fermions composed of two or four streams, like the automobiles in this scenario of fermion traffic composed of two to four streams, naturally explains the more than 90 fractional quantum Hall states that form in a wide variety of host materials.

However, physicists at Purdue University recently discovered that fractional quantum Hall regimes are not limited to two or four streams and discovered the existence of a new type of emerging particle, which they call a six-stream fermion. They recently published their groundbreaking findings in

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